Using your Mobile Device to Order a Prescription? Possible.

Mobile technology has revolutionized the way we live and work. Mobile phones, smart phones, personal digital assistants, tablet PCs, and the likes have all made communication so fast, reliable, efficient, and seamless. Life just gets better, easier, simpler, and faster as more and more technological advancements are made in the mobile technology space.

According to a recent study internet is being used on mobiles, than stationary devices like workstations. People are now realizing the value of being on the information highway on the go. Social networking sites, consumer web applications have transitioned to the mobile. No more are stationary workstations used; it’s all about mobile workstations now.

Accessibility and convenience of use characterize mobile phones. When mobile phones are connected to the internet, it also gives one the freedom to download applications. The easiness of use and the readiness that mobile technology provides is only be the tip of the iceberg. Mobile technology has so much potential that some aspects of it are still unexplored.

Take for example, in the healthcare arena; you might have to wait for so many things. With mobile technology things are much easier now. Just a simple SMS will get you an ambulance right at your doorstep. Even prescriptions from medical stores that support this; will be delivered at your doorstep. Even if you want to know the times to take appointment from your doctor, you can just SMS the hospital, with the name of the doctor, and the hospital will return you the doctor’s availability along with the time to take appointments.

Some drug stores enable their customers to get a virtual view of their store contents, in terms of prices, and the type of drugs. Customers can use this virtual store to do some study on the medicines that they are taking. They could also request for medicines through their mobile devices. The requests are recorded by the server designated for the drug store, and it is processed.

To make payments faster, drug stores are now allowing customers to make online payments. Customers can just transfer the money online, to the account of the drug store.

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