Clean Technology

Clean technology is a technology that creates electricity and fuel with minimal environmental hazards. Most renewable energy sources come under clean technology. Renewable energy sources are solar power, bio-fuel energy, wind energy and so on. Organizations are going the clean technology way to win carbon credits. Carbon credits are certificates of permissions issued to organizations. One carbon credit equals the right to do an emission of one ton of carbon dioxide.

Winning carbon credits is a way of environmental financing. Environmental financing is the use of clean technology to win carbon credits. Carbon credits help organizations win carbon emission permissions. So organizations can use carbon credits to enhance their production volumes at some times. When organizations don’t win carbon credits, their yearly emission permission remain stunted.

In 2006, California state of the United States of America, witnessed a policy initiative towards embarking on the clean technology way. After Arnold Schwarzenegger, the governor of California, signed the Global Warming Solutions Act, a flood of investments surged into the clean technology space. California alone accounted for more than sixty percent of the country’s investment in clean technology. More than being a national objective to curb bad effects of global warming, clean technology is creating lots of jobs.

Clean technology innovations are now coming up in a big way. Recently, Postcode Lottery Green Challenge announced prize money of five million Euros to the most endearing clean technology innovation and innovator. One of the innovations that have been shortlisted is a mobile solar-powered cooker. Primarily developed keeping Himalayan women in mind, this solar-powered cooking vessel will help the mobile lifestyle of the people of this region. Another interesting clean technology innovation that is definitely worth a read is conversion of ocean waves into electricity. Surprisingly, scientists have toyed with this idea for more than a century, without finding a proper way to do it. The innovation presented here uses the energy of the ocean waves to move turbines, and generate a mechanical power, that is converted to electrical energy.

Clean technology is definitely the technology of the future with fossil-fuels becoming scarcer.

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